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Looking for a beautiful website?

We develop custom made websites using the latest internet technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP. Our websites are optimized, fast and SEO friendly. All our websites are viewable on phones, tablets and big screens such as desktops and beamers, this is called responsive webdesign.
Next to developing websites, we also provide maintenance, advice and server hosting to give you a complete worry-free package! Make an appointment by contacting us now to see what we can offer to you.

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Would you like a mobile app?

Are you looking for an Android or iOS app? Van Stein & Groentjes can develop the app you need. We develop native, fast and secure applications that run on new and older phones and tablets. Depending on what you prefer and what kind of application you need, we can also develop a cross-platform solution, this is an application developed once, and than build for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

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Your website in good hands.

Besides developing websites and apps, we extend our services by providing server space, security tools and website maintenance. Would you like your own cloud server, shared hosting account or a secure SSL certificate, we can arrange this and more for you. We also call this service, worry-free upkeep. You do not need to worry, your data, websites and software is in good hands with us.
For our standard shared hosting accounts, see our hosting website. For other needs and desires please contact us.

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Custom tailored software for your custom needs.

Do you need custom software, a fast and reliable application for desktops? We are skilled in many programming languages, ranging from Visual Basic to C++ and from Python to Java. Programs for Microsoft Windows, Linux distributions or Mac OSX are all posibilities. Contact us to make an appointment and see what we can offer to each other.

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Professional advice for every IT challenge.

It can be a challenge to make the correct decisions, especially when it involves complex technology. With our broad and also deep expertise regarding a variety of IT related topics, we consult companies and individuals about the possibilities, pitfalls and oppertunities that technology provides.
Do you have a question, problem or case that you would like professional and personal advice on? Feel free to call or email us directly.

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