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Entrepreneurial drive

Next to building your IT solution, we also build IT solutions for ourselves. When we identify a need for an application, a new cool idea or something we like, we make the idea into a working concept and publish it. Using this entrepreneurial spirit, we are able to, and used to, taking a risk. Together with you we will think about the requirements and conditions of your project and tackle problems efficiently.

Honest work

After the first meeting, where we discuss what your requirements are, we will get back to you with a quote for the estimated amount of work. This quote is a fixed price offer. We will build the agreed upon work for the amount specified in the quote. We strive to deliver great quality and will always help you get the best possible solution.

Waywards all the way

We are wayward, in the positive meaning of the word. We will tell you when you have a good idea, but we will also tell you when you do not. When we think another approach benefits you more, we will pursue this. If we do so we will always be able to provide adequate reasons to validate this pursuit.


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